Sunday, May 8, 2011

New Puppy

I know it has only been 1 month since our Lucy Passed but our dogs Ashur and Pugman were sad as well as Randy. They were all mopey, Ashur was grunting and groaning as only a pug can do, Pugman well it was hard to tell if he really missed her. Randy still had bouts of sadness and crying. I was looking around on the web for available pure bred puppies and came across an ad that had only been online for 3 hours. There was only one female in that litter. I showed Randy her photo and he said thats the one. I called the breeder and found out she was still available. On Sat. We made the 2.5 hour trip to the breeders home saw the parents and picked up our newest family member Maggie. I can already tell a difference in the pug boys. Ashur is not moaning and groaning and Pugman is playing with her. Randy is smiling and happy. Not so much sadness. And Me will I have to tell you that I was also grieving for Lucy and Maggie may look like her but has such a different personality that we could not confuse the 2. This is one of our first photos of her.