Monday, December 30, 2013

Great Weekend

The mad rush of Christmas is over and I am getting back to my normal routines. Sage Taber and I participated in a 13 hour crop at Archivers in Chesterfield Mall. Had a great time got a head start on my Christmas cards for next year. Sunday 12/29 spent a lazy day at home on the reading and relaxing. Hope everyone has a great New Year. Hugs Debbie

Monday, December 16, 2013

High School Friends

A group of girls that I hung out with in School had our 3rd Annual Christmas party on Sunday. We had a great time, we did an ornament exchange to the Left/Right Story of Santa's Elf Lefty, and then we played Christmas bingo. Everyone brings an ornament to exchange and 2 or 3 dollar tree wrapped gifts. We started this group 3 years ago after our first class member passed away. We wanted to catch up and make more memories, not just meet up at the funeral home. If you have lost touch with your high school friends I have to tell you make the effort to reconnect. Now I am off to sew and stuff some Christmas ornaments for my family. Hugs to all be safe.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

More snow

We got a little more snow last night which covered the ice at the bottom of the steps to get to the back yard. The fur babies are not having quite as hard a time getting up and down the stairs now. I wrapped all the gifts I had to wrap last night. Still waiting on a few to come in the mail. Have the Cali kids gifts put together, Becky will be here tonight to pick them up. She is going to mail them out tomorrow. Have been doing quite a bit of crocheting and knitting the last few months and have most of my hand made gift list completed. We put our Christmas tree up on Sunday and I have been loving the lights. Well off to do some more crocheting. Hope everyone is safe if you have bad weather and if not enjoy your good weather.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Winter Wonderland

It started snowing here on Thursday December 5. We got about 5 in of snow here in Festus. First time schools closed for weather and they have not reopened as yet. We have rural areas and the roads are not graded or treated. I am glad that I can stand to be in the house and piddle around otherwise I would have gone stir crazy by now. Randy and I got out today, paid a bill, did a bit of Christmas shopping and bought some new dog food to start mixing in with what we have now. Dinner at Ponderosa Buffet filled the car and then back home for a cozy nite in. If you had snow hope you had fun with it. I managed to crochet 2 hats and a set of wristlets or fingerless gloves. Now to get the Christmas cards addressed and in the mail.